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Home » News » Industry Information » Benefits of WPC Flooring

Benefits of WPC Flooring

Views: 0     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-08-29      Origin: Site

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  The full name of WPC flooring is Wood Plactic Composite. Compared with SPC flooring, WPC flooring uses resin powder, so WPC flooring has better elasticity and a more comfortable foot feel. Our own WPC floor adopts three-layer ABA structure, so the structure is more stable. 

  The thickness of the WPC floor can reach 8mm/10mm, and the bottom of the floor can choose IXPE or EVA.If it is used for home decoration, then I recommend choosing WPC flooring. 

  Similarly, the advantages of SPC flooring such as: 

   1. Zero formaldehyde, 

   2.100% waterproof, 

   3. B1 level flame retardant, 

   4. Good sound absorption effect.


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