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Home » News » Enterprise dynamics » Why choose wood veneer charcoal panel?

Why choose wood veneer charcoal panel?

Views: 0     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-10-06      Origin: Site

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  The best sellers in the market today are the wood veneer charcoal panel and the wood veneer panel.


  The wood veneer charcoal panel has an upgraded process compared to the wood veneer panel. wood veneer charcoal panel has a white co-extruded layer on the surface. The co-extruded layer makes the surface of the wall panel smoother, less rough, and more stable, while the hardness is also greatly improved. Traditional wood veneer panels, are much easier to break. Of course, both types of panels have great functionality. For example, waterproof, moisture-proof, after our test, wood veneer charcoal panel in the outdoor all the time in the rain, its surface will not have fading, moldy situation. Soaked in water for 15 days is also stable. The fireproof performance is tested by the organization, which can reach B1 level flame retardant. Then our wall panels do not have 100% formaldehyde.


  So whether you choose to be our partner or for your own home, I recommend you to choose wood veneer charcoal panel with better stability.

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